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Are you ready to rent your unoccupied parking spot and generate extra cash? Become an independent seller with SpotHero, where every spot holds the potential for additional income. Don't miss the opportunity to maximize your parking assets and connect with a continually expanding customer base actively searching for parking solutions.

Rent Your Parking Space in Four Easy Steps

Fill Out the Form

Submit the location, pricing, and availability of your parking spot.

Evaluate Your Form

We will review your form and request additional information if necessary.

Start Renting

If your spot is a good fit, we'll work with you to add your spot to our platform.

Get Paid

Receive a monthly direct deposit into your account for all completed reservations.

"SpotHero has been an incredible way to make extra money on something that would otherwise go unused. The team at SpotHero does such a great job setting everything up for us that we don't have to think about it."

- Sean P., Chicago

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